Students are taught about personal finance by Wema Bank.

Students are taught about personal finance by Wema Bank.

This week, Wema Bank Plc organized a financial literacy program for students in all of the states it works in as part of activities to commemorate 2023 Global Financial Literacy Day.

The forward-thinking financial organization claimed that the workshops on financial literacy for secondary school students were in line with its dedication to promoting financial literacy for the following generation.

Students at Yola Model School in Adamawa State were encouraged to develop financial literacy as a life skill by Mr. Wole Akinleye, Deputy Managing Director of Wema Bank, who led the exercise.

The importance of Financial Literacy Week was stressed by Mr. Akinleye, who also emphasized Wema Bank's dedication to equipping young people with the knowledge and abilities needed to make wise financial choices.

Through these initiatives, he said, "we hope to empower more people to take control of their finances and achieve financial stability."

Students reportedly received instruction in personal financial subjects like budgeting, setting up emergency funds, setting aside money for future goals, investing, and giving to charities that benefit society.

The purpose, per the lender's statement, is to foster a young grasp of the importance of establishing a strong financial foundation and achieving financial stability and success from a young age.

Plan your money, plant your future was the subject of the 2023 Global Financial Literacy Day.

In order to achieve financial stability, it is crucial to ensure that everyone has access to the resources they need to handle their money wisely and reach their financial objectives.

Through the Royal Kiddies Account and a variety of other savings products, Wema Bank Plc reaffirmed its dedication to offering educational materials and chances for kids, promoting financial empowerment for the following 


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