E-Commerce is made Easy by Go Buy am

E-Commerce is made Easy by Go Buy am

The fact that 44 million Nigerians use the Internet no longer makes headlines. What is novel is how this traffic supports the expansion of the nation's e-commerce industry. GoBuyam.com, an e-commerce platform, provides a distinctive, one-stop shopping experience in an effort to capture a portion of the expanding middle class, which accounts for 23% of the country's population.

Over 100 stores from a broad variety of retailers were selected by the new online platform to deliver various goods and products across the nation to its customers. Park n Shop Spar, Cash N Carry, Storm London, Mega Plaza, DaViva, Zeena, a children's retailer; Bookcraft, a book seller; Prima Rouge, a fashion design company; Hawt shoes; and Food Convee, a company that produces packaged soup ingredients, are just a few of the retailers.

Emeka Mbah, managing director of Buyam.com's promoter and parent business, Morpheus Limited. ng explained that a vast array of product categories are accessible to satisfy the needs of both its current and prospective customers.

The Mbah urged Nigerians to buy on the website instead of going to the plaza because there are all their favorite stores under one roof and no additional fees are applied. Customers can shop and make purchases while relaxing on their couch, in bed, in their vehicle, or at work. Never before has it been so simple to shop for one's necessities and wants without paying extra. For the time being, we are delivering goods all over the nation at no additional cost, Mbah added that company's internal logistics unit would support DHL Express in handling the operations.

The boss of Gobuyam.com is confident that due to recent efforts by Internet service providers, or ISPs, to upgrade their infrastructure, Internet outages won't pose a danger to the platform's operations or the caliber of services it offers. "We make sure that our website has minimal footprints in order to lower the fees that our customers must pay when they purchase. We also make investments in technology that shields our clients from online scammers, he continued.


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